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Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Do you know what it is?

Are you happy?

I can help you answer these questions and more…

Let me guess – from the outside looking in, you have made it…

You have a great career. Maybe you have the fairytale marriage. Beautiful kids (if that’s your thing). The perfect home. All the things you thought you wanted…

But deep down…

You are not happy.

Perhaps you have been busy achieving what you thought you wanted…

Or maybe, you have been trying to live up to the expectations of others…

That you lost sight of who YOU are and what makes YOU happy.

I’ve been in your shoes and I get your pain.

You see, I have found that people are afraid of failure; but they are even more fearful of success. It is this fear that holds people back from being themselves and going after the life of their dreams.

Your dreams are within reach and I want to “give you the boost” you need to reach them.

The path to feeling fulfilled in your life, career and relationships is right in front of you. To take the journey simply requires you commit to taking the steps down the path.

It would be a privilege to be your guide on this journey. I am so committed to your success, that I am going to start you down the path for FREE, with no-obligation.

Click here, and let’s take the first steps together.

“Working with Jean has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time. Before I reached out to Jean, I was beyond frustrated with my work environment, questioning myself constantly and unable to move in the direction I felt called to pursue. Working with Jean has been my first foray into the world of having a Life Coach and I was uncertain what I would receive from the interaction. After a few meetings and with Jean’s ability to sift through the chaos that I had spinning around in my mind, I was already making huge strides towards the ultimate goal of really understanding myself, my fears, and the items that were keeping me from making my next career move. I learned more about myself in one session with Jean than with all of myself help books and tapes combined. The sense of accountability that she gives you is amazing, and she lets you be your true self as you work towards your goals. Whether its career, family, or relationship advice, she is an expert and can help you in so many ways. She is always able to bring you back full circle to your primary goal at hand, but can easily adapt to whatever you may have going on in your life.  In my case Jean specifically helped me take my never ending list of ideas, wants and needs and create a concrete career plan that I could feel confident and proud of. Our coaching sessions have been instrumental in helping me discover key points which are currently allowing me to create positive change in my life. Her experience in corporate America and business acumen make professional goals attainable, while her caring, yet no nonsense approach make personal goals easy to achieve. Jean is amazing at what she does, and I think she is definitely born to do this! Looking forward to our next session!” Connie F., Sr. Solution Architect

“What first prompted me to seek coaching was a combination of factors; I felt I needed support from an objective observer who had the tools to see through any of my issue avoidance tactics and who could help me help myself. Happily I knew my potential coach from a previous life so knew ahead of time that we communicated well with one another. Having said that I still carried some cynicism going into this as I was concerned that it would be more ethereal than practical. What I experienced was that if you are willing to be open to the tools and methodology then you can learn about yourself, your motivators and your barriers. I would liken it to visiting a city where you used to live in the distant past, and having a local guide to show you around; the guide asks pertinent questions and activates memories and images from the past that are germane to the place you find yourself occupying. I found that I was able to open myself up to the process and that many aspects were enjoyable and evocative. The sessions have brought up both positive and negative issues and I have been pushed out of my comfort zone to address challenges. It has not been easy but I have reaped the benefits of all the exercises and am in a better place today because of the coaching I received. I think the thing that surprised me was that the more ‘touchy feely’ elements were very effective at bringing out issues. People should understand that coaching is not the same as therapy in that you are not being offered solutions but being challenged and driven to help yourself find the solutions to your own issues. This gives a great sense of satisfaction when you are able to move ahead and get past blockages that previously seemed insurmountable.” Nicholas H., Human Resources Professional

“When I began working with Jean, I was immediately attracted to her strong and compassionate nature and I was easily able to connect with her as my coach. I came to Jean feeling disconnected from my inner self and my outer life and I knew that something was missing – I just didn’t know what. Jean helped me explore who I really am deep down, what I really want and need out of life in order to gain the fulfillment that I was searching for. I am now more connected to my inner self, more engaged in my outer life and excited about the fulfilling future that lies around me and ahead of me. Thank you, Jean!” Marisa S., Small Business Owner

About Jean

I help seemingly successful people find internal contentment and happiness. Society measures success in interesting ways: money, fame, career, etc. Oftentimes, these measures fall short of truly making people happy. I help people find excitement and passion in their lives and careers so they can achieve an unparalleled level of fulfillment and live the life of their dreams.  Hello Fulfillment, Goodbye Emptiness.

Jean Muhlbauer, Life Success Coach
Jean Muhlbauer, Life Success Coach
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